Steed Family

This family is mostly associated with the Thanet in East Kent, where there is a huge and complex nest of Steed families and their descendants.

for more info, visit the Stead-Steed One Name Study

My own line (so far as I know) is:
1. Robert STEED & Thomasine - marriage not yet traced
2. Richard STEED & Barbara - marriage not yet traced
3. Richard STEED & Joane PARKER - married 6th Oct 1624 in Chislet, Kent
4. Richard STEED & Ellen JEZARD - married 1st Aug 1672 in Petham, Kent
5. Richard STEED & Sarah STUBBLE - marriage not yet traced
6. Henry STEED & Elizabeth BRIDGES - marriage not yet traced
7. Henry STEED & Elizabeth NEVES - married 22nd Feb 1777 in Blean, Canterbury, Kent
8. James STEED & Ann SAYER - married 6th June 1812 in Harbledown, Canterbury, Kent
9. George STEED & Catherine GODDEN - married 13th April 1846 in St. John, Margate, Kent
10. Samuel STEED & Matilda Alice SEXTON - married 24th July 1871 in St. John, Margate, Kent
11. Frank Stanley HENWOOD & Alice Matilda STEED - married 4th July 1901 in Sutherland Avenue Wesleyan Chapel, Paddington, London

If you are related to or have more information about any of the above then I'd obviously love to hear from you!


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