List of Rogers Wills and Administrations at the Cornwall Records Office, with some transcriptions

In the notes:
A stands for Admon, or Administration (these are generally less useful than wills).
U stands for Unavailable - these wills no longer exist at the CRO.

In the transcriptions:
Red text shows my best guess at sections which are illegible or unintelligible to me.
Any corrections or elucidations gratefully received.

The dates are years of probate, which are not necessarily the same as the year of death (but cannot be before the year of death!)

Alice RogersBreage1610
Alice RogersLiskeard1670-1A
Andrew RogersSt. Austell1734
Ann RogersHelston1695
Ann RogersSt. Erth1738
Ann Rogers, widowSt. Keverne1802
Ann Rogers, widowIllogan1857
Anne RogersBlisland1737
Anne RogersBlisland1793
Anthony RogersLiskeard1745A
Anthony Rogers, mercer and linen draperLiskeard1829
Barthomelew RogersWendron1641A
Benjamin RogersLiskeard1690A
Benjamin RogersLiskeard1716A
Bernard RogersLiskeard1696A
Catherine RogersAnthony1769
Catherine RogersQuethiock1774
Charles RogersAnthony1768
Charles Rogers, farmerFowey1825A
Charles Rogers, innkeeperSt. Blazey1852
Christian RogersSancreed1635
Christian Rogers, spinsterHelston1856A
Christopher RogersSt. Columb Major1614/15
Christopher RogersLiskeard1690
Christopher RogersLiskeard1690
Christopher RogersLiskeard1696
Daniel Rogers, yeomanBunaton, St. Stephens by Saltash1832
David RogersPhillack1747A
David RogersIllogan1776A
David RogersGwinear1778
David Rogers, gentlemanGwinear1809A
David Rogers, minerIllogan1821
David Rogers, yeomanIllogan1840
Degory RogersEgloskerry1609-10A
Degory RogersEgloskerry1633
Degory RogersNorth Petherwin1633-4A U
Degory Rogers1645A alias Tripp
Degory RogersNorth Petherwin1648-9A
Degory RogersEgloskerry1666
Degory RogersPoughill1703
Degory RogersEgloskerry1714
Digory RogersEgloskerry1780
Digory Rogers, yeomanSt. Gennys1811
Digory Rogers, yeomanSt. Gennys1845
Ebbott RogersSt. Breward1690
Edmond RogersIllogan1749
Edward RogersEgloskerry1621-2
Edward RogersLinkinhorne1636A
Edward RogersCardinham1718
Edward RogersSt. Martin by Looe1771
Edward RogersBlisland1779
Edward Rogers, yeomanCrowan1802A
Edward Rogers, husbandmanMarhamchurch1829A
Eleanor RogersLostwithiel1613
Eleanor RogersEgloskerry1696
Eleanor RogersBreage1758
Eliazer RogersTremaine1689
Elizabeth RogersLiskeard1667
Elizabeth RogersDuloe1670
Elizabeth RogersLinkinhorne1692-3
Elizabeth RogersLiskeard1692-3A
Elizabeth RogersConstantine1748A
Elizabeth RogersHelston1749
Elizabeth RogersBreage1759A
Elizabeth RogersLewannick1796
Elizabeth Rogers, spinsterSt. Erth1813A
Elizabeth Rogers, widowIllogan1836
Elizeus RogersLuxulyan1580-1U
Emlyn RogersLiskeard1777
Ferdinando RogersAnthony1760A
Frances RogersLinkinhorne1704
Francis RogersLiskeard1646A
Francis RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1691A
Francis RogersColan1782
Francis Rogers, yeomanBreage1809
Francis Rogers, minerCrowan1824
Francis Rogers, minerCrowan1845A
George RogersBlisland1741
George RogersBlisland1783
George Kelly Rogers, victuallerCalstock1835
Grace Puckey RogersTrenant, Fowey1846
Henry RogersEgloskerry1639A
Henry RogersSt. Gennys1668-9
Henry RogersSheviock1695-6A
Henry RogersSheviock1697A
Henry RogersCamborne1702
Henry RogersSt. Gennys1729
Henry RogersSt. Gennys1763
Henry RogersGwinear1770
Honor Rogers, widowSt. Blazey1848
Hugh RogersSt. Martin in Meneage1574U
Hugh RogersCrowan1622A
Hugh RogersSouthill1742
Humphrey RogersBlisland1686-7A
Humphrey RogersBlisland1705A
Isabella RogersSt. Enoder1773A
Isabella Rogers, widowTorpoint, Anthony1833
James RogersTowednack1612A
James RogersDavidshow1668
James RogersBreage1694-5
James RogersSt. Keverne1756
James RogersManaccan1795
James Rogers, tinnerBreage1801
James Rogers, tinnerCamborne1803A
James Rogers, tinnerIllogan1833
James Rogers, yeomanSt. Erth1842
James Rogers, minerGwennap1852A
James Rogers, masonGwithian1853A
James Rogers, minerGwinear1854
Jane RogersSt. Neot1689A or Pomeroy
Jane RogersBreage1712A
Jane Rogers, widowAnthony1857
Jenett RogersHelston1583-4U
Joan Rogers, widowBreage1816
Joanna Rogers, spinsterMarhamchurch1820
Joanna Rogers, widowMarhamchurch1849
John RogersSt. Enoder1574A U
John RogersSt. Hilary1586A U
John RogersCalstock1594U
John RogersBreage1604
John RogersSt. Dennis1640-1
John RogersSt. Kew1644
John jnr. RogersSt. Kew1644A
John snr. RogersBreage1674
John RogersLiskeard1680
John RogersCrowan1690
John RogersBreage1694-5A
John RogersEgloskerry1696
John RogersRame1697
John RogersIllogan1698-9A
John RogersWendron1699
John RogersIllogan1709A
John RogersSithney1710
John RogersBlisland1711
John RogersEgloskerry1715
John RogersBreage1716A
John RogersBreage1725A
John RogersMawgan1727
John RogersBlisland1732
John RogersConstantine1734A
John RogersSt. Martin by Looe1740
John RogersCardinham1743A
John RogersCrowan1749A
John RogersQuethiock1753A
John RogersConstantine1761
John RogersBreage1771
John RogersNewlyn1771A
John RogersNewlyn1773A
John RogersHelston1774A
John RogersBlisland1781
John RogersMenheniot1781
John RogersCamborne1783
John RogersSt. Keverne1792
John RogersQuethiock1799
John Rogers, yeomanBreage1803
John Rogers, yeomanSt. Neot1803
John Rogers, yeomanMenheniot1805A
John Rogers, yeomanBreage1807A
John Rogers, yeomanSouthill1807
John Rogers, yeomanBlisland1810
John Rogers, yeomanSt. Gennys1813
John Rogers, yeomanSt. Breward1820
John Rogers, minerCamborne1825
John Rogers, yeomanPendrift, Blisland1831
John Rogers, shopkeeperLiskeard1831
John Rogers, tinnerGwennap1833
John Rogers, minerRedruth1838A
John Rogers, schoolmasterSt. Stephen by Launceston1841
John Rogers, farmerMawgan in Meneage1845A
John Rogers, esq.St. Stephens by Saltash1845
John Rogers, builderBodmin1847
John Rogers, yeomanSt. Keverne1855A
John Rogers, minerGwinear1857
Joseph RogersLiskeard1690A
Joseph RogersLiskeard1705
Joseph RogersQuethiock1741
Katherine RogersEgloskerry1671
Kye RogersIllogan1662-3
Leonard RogersEgloskerry1587U
Leonard RogersEgloskerry1636-7
Leonard RogersTresmeer1668A
Leonard RogersEgloskerry1688
Lucetia Rogers, widowCamborne1827
Margaret RogersLanivet1570U
Margaret RogersBreage1641
Margaret RogersLiskeard1660A
Margaret RogersMaker1684A
Margaret RogersBlisland1704A
Margaret RogersLiskeard1712
Margaret Rogers, widowMadron1842A
Maria Smith RogersSt. Stephens by Saltash1854A
Mary RogersCamborne1709
Mary RogersBreage1727
Mary RogersBreage1757A
Mary RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1779
Mary Rogers, spinsterBoscastle, Minster1813
Mary Rogers, widowSt. Stephens by Saltash1821A
Mary Rogers, widowBreage1830
Mary Rogers, widowLiskeard1839
Mary Rogers, widowWendron / Breage1841
Matthew RogersCamborne1703Cessate 1721
Matthew RogersPerranaworthal1724
Matthew RogersKenwyn1794
Matthew RogersCamborne1797A
Matthew RogersCamborne1803A
Matthew RogersCamborne1806A
Matthew Rogers, mine agentIllogan1857
Melchezedeck RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1732A
Melchizedeck RogersMenheniot1769
Melchizedeck RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1776A
Nowell RogersHelston1613A
Oliver RogersLiskeard1630
Oliver RogersLiskeard1683-4A
Oliver RogersLiskeard1711
Orpheus RogersHelston1745A
Parkin RogersIllogan1625
Pascoe RogersLiskeard1615A
Pascoe RogersLiskeard1690
Pearce Rogers, merchantSt. Keverne1841A
Peter RogersLiskeard1695A
Peter RogersEgloskerry1700
Peter RogersHelston1772A
Philip Rogers, minerRedruth1800
Philip Rogers, minerIllogan1841A
Philip Rogers, mine agentSt. Ives1851A
Ralph RogersNewlyn1602A
Rebecca Rogers, widowStokeclimsland1823
Rebecca Rogers, widowQuethiock1853A
Reynold RogersSt. Breward1665A
Richard RogersSancreed1618A
Richard RogersNorth Petherwin1624
Richard RogersSt. Teath1633A
Richard RogersEgloskerry1635-6
Richard RogersIllogan1660-1
Richard RogersHelston1669A
Richard RogersCrowan1686-7
Richard RogersSt. Dominick1716
Richard RogersIllogan1743
Richard Rogers, cordwainerLiskeard1806
Richard Rogers, painterLaunceston1808
Richard Rogers, yeomanRedruth1816
Richard Rogers, yeomanPoundstock1825
Richard Rogers, gentlemanRoselyon, St. Blazey1830
Richard Rogers, yeomanIllogan1833
Richard Rogers, yeomanAnthony1841
Richard Deeble Rogers, gentlemanSt. Blazey1838
Robert RogersSt. Erth1764
Robert Rogers, innkeeperStratton1851
Robert Rogers, tailorPenzance1853
Sampson RogersManaccan1677A
Sampson RogersLiskeard1721
Sampson RogersSt. Keverne1779A
Sampson Rogers, yeomanMawgan in Meneage1814A
Sampson Rogers, yeomanStokeclimsland1820
Sampson Rogers, gentlemanSt. Keverne1822
Samuel RogersBreage1712A
Samuel RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1733A
Samuel RogersQuethiock1772A
Samuel RogersBreage1797A
Samuel Rogers, yeomanIllogan1821A
Samuel Rogers, yeomanQuethiock1824A
Samuel Rogers, farmerSt. Erth1849A
Sarah RogersEgloskerry1716
Sarah Rogers, spinsterGwennap1850
Simon RogersLiskeard1619
Simon RogersLiskeard1702
Tamsin RogersMichaelstow1640-1or Symons
Thomas RogersCury1593U or Polowin
Thomas RogersCamborne1623or Polyowe
Thomas RogersBreage1631
Thomas RogersSt. Martin by Looe1679-80
Thomas RogersSancreed1731
Thomas RogersBreage1771
Thomas RogersBreage1782
Thomas Doney Rogers, yeomanQuethiock1818A
Thomas Rogers, yeomanStratton1831
Thomas Rogers, yeomanSt. Keverne1832
Thomas Rogers, minerIllogan1833A
Thomas Rogers, minerRedruth1833
Thomasina Rogers, widowLanlivery1585-6U
Ursula Rogers, widowSt. Keverne1833
Walter RogersNorth Petherwin1596U
William RogersEgloskerry1582-3U
William RogersLanlivery1601or James
William RogersSt. Dennis1614
William RogersLandulph1625U
William RogersIllogan1628A
William RogersSt. Gennys1641-2
William RogersLiskeard1662-3
William RogersLiskeard1671A
William RogersBreage1677
William RogersSt. Kew1689A
William RogersCamborne1729
William RogersBlisland1761A
William RogersSt. Stephen in Brannell1776
William RogersMarhamchurch1798
William Rogers, minerIllogan1804
William Rogers, farmerQuethiock1809A
William Rogers, scrivenerGwennap1813A
William Rogers, minerCamborne1819A
William Rogers, yeomanIllogan1832
William Rogers, marinerTorpoint, Anthony1844
William Rogers, innkeeperMarhamchurch1845A
William Rogers, minerIllogan1854
William Rogers, yeomanSt. Gennys1856

Rogers Wills from 1858 onwards (National Probate Calendar):

John Rogers, gentlemanLandrake1861

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